Raw did a collaboration with Drew from Statslabmedia.com and came up with 4 strategies on how to increase sales in 2022. You can read below for a more in-depth look at this or watch the video explaining each step. I hope this helps you boost sales in 2022.


How to boost sales with a business’s sales strategy

Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, most of your marketing efforts are going to focus on driving visitors to your website.

When you’re ready to double or triple your sales, what will you be doing?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to growing your business. In the past, it might have been enough to focus on only the latest trends in marketing and the latest new products to add to your website. But now you know that those strategies alone won’t give you a sustainable advantage over the competition. You need to take a broader look at your business, and start using the tools that will help you stay ahead. To avoid getting stuck in the same old routine, you need to be able to quickly identify and implement new tactics that will help your company grow. In this post, we’ll share four of the best tips that will help you achieve more sales in 2022.

Do you want to make $150,000 a month or more from an online business?

Introduction to Increasing Sales

First things first, I was listening to the popular podcast Small Business Big Marketing by Timbo Reid, and Timbo commented that you need to make your marketing like a hobby. At first, I was like, “What does he mean by this?” Timbo commented that there are so many different marketing channels available for businesses to capture more sales; video, podcasting, SEO, email, blogs, text messages, Google and Bing Ads, radio, digital news, TV, print advertising, bus advertising; I think you understand that there are so many marketing channels out there. Focus on an area of marketing that you really enjoy. You know, it becomes a hobby. If you do this, you will become consistent and generally won’t struggle to execute whatever channel/s it is you have chosen to focus on. The reason most marketing fails is that people give up and stop, mostly because they haven’t become an expert themselves or they have lacked drive or passion, which has cut through into their marketing and ultimately failed whatever it is they are doing.

We’ve talked about this a lot lately, but we’re going to go over it again here. Here’s what you need to do right now to boost sales for the year 2022.

Tip 1. How to increase sales with your Google Business Profile

I have said it before, if you haven’t done it, claim your Google My Business listing. If you have done this, congratulations. If you haven’t optimised your off-page content, then you’re losing out on so many sales opportunities.

Did you know one of the most popular keywords users search for when looking for a place, service or product is typing in the words ‘near me?

Example Keyword Searches to Increase sales

Place/service/product/niche sector near me or; Pizza near me

near me Place/service/product/niche sector or near me pizza

In the image below, Google displays the Google 3-Pack at the very top of the page. No ads, just organic results! Can you see why you need to claim and, more importantly, optimise your profile so that you can display it organically like Buderim Pizza Company, Pizza Hut Buderim and Pizza Capers have? At the time of writing this article, my location was found to be in Buderim, which explains why we are seeing Google return to Buderim Pizza businesses.

You can find a lot of these searches return thousands of search volume each month.

On the Sunshine Coast ‘Restaurant near me’ receives approximately 550,000 search volume per month!

‘’cafe near me’’ receives approximately 368,000 search volume per month!

Pizza near me returns around 201,000 search queries per month.

It is likely that you will miss out on appearing organically for some of these high converting search terms if your business profile isn’t claimed, verified or optimised. If your niche is highly competitive like the cafes and pizza market is, then it’s especially important.

Get started with optimising your Google Business Profile today or contact Raw and we will create an insight strategy plan with a focus on driving more sales to your website through your Google Business Profile/s.

Who wouldn’t want to appear organically on the Google 3-Pack in your local area!?

Tip 2. Importance of Cornerstone Content

Business strategy to increase sales

Have you created a strategy for cornerstone content?

Put simply, cornerstone content is where you determine what pages and posts on your website are the most important. It should be a critical component of your SEO strategy as it helps Google understand where your most important pages are through your website’s internal linking structure. It forces you to create optimised content and use the most relevant keywords for that page or article. By doing this, you are making it easy for the search engine results pages (SERPs) to understand whether the user’s search intent is matched to your content. Google wants to serve content that is the most valuable for that user’s specific search intent.

Is your website confusing Google?

Do this to Boost sales

If your pages, blogs, and linking structure are all over the place, then it’s likely Google will send you the most irrelevant traffic, which is likely to have a negative impact on your website and cause a high bounce rate. This is bad because you are telling Google the user didn’t like the search query (your website link) they landed on, so they leave quickly and continue searching on Google. What do you think Google will serve next time, possibly not your website but a competitor website where the user doesn’t bounce straight back off?

Don’t confuse Google with low-quality content, 404 pages and poor design.

You need to plan and identify which pages and blogs/articles will serve the most important content on your website. For example, you may have identified 5 pages as cornerstone content.

This might be 3 on your services and two long-form pieces of content/articles that are 3,000 to 10,000 words long. When you write future articles, you can link internally to these pages. You might have written 100 blogs. In these blogs, you want to internally link back to these pages, obviously not all, but when it feels right. Write for your users, not the search engines. Do this and you’re on your way to creating content Google will want to serve to its users. Only then are you likely to start seeing an increase in leads, which you can hopefully convert into more sales!

Example Cornerstone Content Pages and Articles to Boost sales

For example, if you were a lawyer you might focus on this style of cornerstone content:

Page 1: Sunshine Coast Commercial Lawyer (service page targeted keyword)

Page 2: Commercial Lawyer Services (service page)

Page 3: Full services page (service page listing all services)

Page 4: Long-form content all about commercial law (helpful resources)

Page 5: Long-form content on Helpful Commercial law tools (helpful resources)

Cornerstone Content Strategy

It is important you do this as you will be informing Google of your most important pieces of content.

OK, enough from Mat at Raw. Now over to Drew from Statslabemedia, who will unpack two more tips on how to boost sales in 2022 with these sales marketing strategies.

Statslabmedia Discuss Facebook Groups and understanding your websites

Resident digital marketer Drew will explain more about what they are implementing for clients right now. 

Drew says to implement just 1 of these 4 sales tips and I’m certain you will start to see new bookings come through for 10 or more jobs each month. Best of all, these tips are quick to learn and start.

As a content creator, Drew gets to interview businesses about profit, sales and growth. Drew has asked the experts what they are implementing for customers right now.

Here is what they told him they are implementing for more profit.


Tip 3. Join and start your own Facebook Group

Drew says there are so many opportunities to find leads through joining Facebook groups or, better yet, starting up your own group. To get a feel for it, maybe join a few groups on either Facebook or LinkedIn. Find groups that are relevant to your niche. For example, if you were a marketing agency, you might join startup groups, sales groups, or sales podcast groups like The Small Business Big Marketing group. Some of these groups have 100k+ members.

Sales Talk with Sales Pros has over 100,000 members!

Tip 4. Understand your Website.

How to increase your sales

Your Website – understand how it works with Google and Social Media.

When creating a website, make sure you have a strategy. Creating a website with the correct copywriting is what will drive your sales.

Remember these important website steps:

  1. Posting to social media is an important part of marketing. But you should only do it after you have created content on your own website.
  2. Create a simple format on how you would solve your customers’ problems.
  3. Don’t forget about updating off-page profiles like Google Business Profile with your website URL.
  4. Focus on your website’s copy. The copy is more important than how pretty your website is designed. You can’t achieve sales with poorly written copy and a pretty website, but you can make sales with a website that has excellent copy and an average visual design.

You can read more about Drews Facebook thinking here.

Conclusion – Increase Business Sales

The good thing about these changes is that you can start to implement them fast.

In the end, change is what brings new results. If you want new customers and more sales, then start to provide excellent customer service. You can do this by stopping selling and starting creating content that is helpful to your customers.


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