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We help businesses grow their sales by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to their website through organic search with a Profit Focused Strategy.


Helping businesses grow their sales by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to their website via organic search.

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SEO is hard to do right. It takes a great deal of time and effort, only to see minimal results. If you're not seeing the success you’re looking for with your Google rankings, it's most likely because your website isn't optimised for search engines. I can help by providing proven strategies that will improve your site’s performance in organic search results. Raw SEO offers affordable, one-of-a-kind SEO services for businesses large and small throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas. If you want to increase your sales through SEO, then contact me.

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Did you know research reports that Googles #1 Organic Search result achieves a CTR of 31%

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Is your Advertising Budget out of Control?

Google Ad Spend Up

You're making sales but your ads budget keeps increasing, you're worried whether you can maintain this increase. Is your return on ad spend 200% or less? Are you burning a hole in your budget, leaving money on the table, not sure of the next steps?

Print Advertising Uncertainties

You’re thinking of print advertising, or have recently started.  You may be wondering: Is print advertising cheaper now? How can I track sales from print advertising? Is it effective? Should I go all in, or decrease my overall percentage in print advertising spend?

Radio & TV Advertising Expensive

You’re considering radio and TV advertising, but asking yourself: How can I afford it? It has a large reach, but is it right for my products/services?  If I commit to radio or TV advertising, will I have to reduce my Google ad spend?  Will I lose sales?

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I get it, there are too many advertising choices.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not asking you to stop spending money on your current advertising budgets—in fact, far from it. You see, your advertising budget needs to compliment your SEO budget. In other words, you need a strategy, and a budget to leverage off a results-driven SEO campaign. You’re wondering—what else can I do to achieve more sales? I’m doing okay with some of my ad spend; why risk it? Will it work if I invest in another strategy like SEO?

You may have thought about the consequences of not changing already:

  • competition for ad space might increase
  • ad spend might skyrocket
  • click through rates (CTR) might drop drastically
  • conversion rates might drop 
  •  Loss in overall profit

Obviously, these are all hypothetical scenarios. I hear you: What does SEO actually mean? Why is it so important? Does it work? Where should I use SEO on my website—apparently results take 3 months? I have done it before, and lost money; they promised me results, and all I did was spend more money.

This is where I ask you to *STOP RIGHT THERE*

What would you say if I could help your business website be found organically on search engine results pages (SERPs), like Google, Bing, or any number of search engines. No exaggeration, no hidden secrets, no fake results; just higher ranking SEO that brings you more sales. Our focus is on increasing the quantity and quality of traffic that will ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

We will execute our very own *SEO Profits Formula* on your website.

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Lead SEO Growth

How can we help?

We are based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, and focus our SEO for results that drive more sales, which ultimately leads to increased profits.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Our local Sunshine Coast knowledge—coupled with a strong focus on sales that drives profits—will ensure your local SEO campaigns are optimised to their fullest potential.

Landing Page Development

Uniquely designed conversion-focused, SEO-friendly landing pages that will make it easier to track and analyse visitors to your website.

National Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising to target high volume keywords, for the purpose of building the quantity and quality of traffic to your website for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Tasmania campaigns.

Content Writing

Clear and concise content that converts. Well-researched articles written by local Australians, offering unlimited revisions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

SEO For Profits Course - DIY

Do you prefer to do it yourself? Are you a self-starter, technically-minded, and have the time to tackle SEO yourself? If you answered yes—then we have the perfect course that will set you up for SEO success.

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Do you want valuable SEO tips for your business? Jump on a 30 minute discovery call and we will show you how to profit from SEO.